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VENTAE Plus - Blue Frost


VENTAE Plus Product Description

The VENTAE Plus is the largest model in our range of premium yoga mats. It is designed to provide yoga enthusiasts of any ability with comfort and support throughout their practice.

The wide and long frame of the VENTAE Plus means that this mat is a more spacious option; allowing you to stretch and balance with no inhibitions. The intelligent central alignment line and bird design elements also help you to monitor your form and positioning throughout the session.

When creating the VENTAE Plus, we considered the requirements of a yoga product from a number of different angles and potential training purposes. The end result is our premium yoga mat which is made with a 4.5mm thick, eco-friendly PU rubber material.

Our innovative, unique and natural foam layer is designed to provide users with a strong grip and thick cushioning, the combination of which means that it can be used on almost any type of flooring. It also has an anti-fungal layer, which prevents sweat from ruining your mat or impacting your balance.

These features will keep you safe, your balance secure, and your joints protected throughout your workouts. 

 Whether you have planned a calming floor-based meditation session, or a high-strength series of balance poses, the VENTAE Plus will ensure that your results are the best that they can be.

Color: Blue Frost