2020 was a difficult year for some many of us. It tested our individual resilience, our mental health and our physical wellbeing in so many ways. And in a time where so many of us were isolated and confined to the walls of our home, we were inspired by the ways in which people were coming together to promote mindfulness, good health practices and support wellbeing. We learnt about all the ways in which you can promote your sense of wellbeing, cleanse your spirit and elevate your mood all from the comfort of your own home.

We wanted to be part of that movement and so we created VENTAE Yoga. We know that for some Yoga can seem very pretentious - all about chanting and chakras. For others it can be very intimidating. I know it was for us - I definitely can’t touch my nose with my foot. But in reality Yoga is different for every body - and that is fine. Like anything in life, the more you practice - the better you become.

The physical and mental health benefits of yoga have been cited for centuries. It’s great for increasing your strength, stamina, balance and flexibility and makes you stronger and resilient for all stages in life.  Plus it has a positive effect on your mood, sleep cycle and can be a useful tool to manage stress. Let’s be honest - we can all do with that once in a while.

Through VENTAE Yoga we want you to have access to the best products to support your yoga journey. If you’re new to yoga and looking for a place to start this is it. Our mats are aimed at all levels of experience, and we offer a free e-book with all purchases to help get you started. If you’re someone with a bit more experience we believe our mats are perfect to help take you to the next level, elevate your performance and perfect your form and technique.  

In a world that is often so divided - yoga is something that can unite our bodies and minds and we want to support you in that journey. Our ambition is to build a global community of like minded individuals  - so that we can share knowledge, experience and best practice amongst us and inspire others to engage in the benefits of yoga.


It can often be challenging to find the specks of light in such a gloomy time, but it took a global pandemic for us to follow our passion and find the confidence to launch a business. We thank you for supporting us and look forward to getting to know you. Welcome to the VENTAE family.