• For General Maintenance:

    1) Begin by laying your mat out flat,

    2) Ensure that you wipe your mat with a clean, soft towel which has been dampened with either water or natural soap,

    3) Be sure to use gentle circular and cross mat motions to clean the surface,

    4) Avoid using any harsh chemicals or oils as they might damage or stain the mat. 5) Hang the mat to dry, avoiding direct sun exposure

    Please note we do not recommend putting your yoga mat in the washing machine as we find this method to be unsuitable for the mat’s composition.

     Please ensure that you allow your mat to dry after practice before rolling, as this prevents bacteria from forming on the surface.

    Handy Tip

    What makes the VENTAE Heat mat so unique is that the wetter the surface the more grip you get. Therefor for optimum performance, we recommend at the beginning of each practice to lightly spray the surface of the mat with water, as this will help provide you with added grip.