VENTAE Lite - Purple Mellow


VENTAE Lite Product Description

The VENTAE Lite is our classic, premium yoga mat. It is reliable, durable and lightweight, without compromising on comfort. As such, it provides a staple addition to any yoga session.

Our Lite yoga mat also offers a non-slip texture, which is designed for high performance support throughout your workout. Its sturdy grip and sweat-resilient surface will provide you with confidence as you balance.

This highly cushioned mat is ideal for training on any type of flooring. It offers users a superb level of comfort and support. Plus, it is extremely durable and resistant to damage, while also being lightweight, compact, and easy to roll up - making it the perfect option for training on-the-go.

These yoga mats are made with a 6mm thick, eco-friendly TPE material. This innovative material provides a strong traction and robust grip, making it both safer and softer than other products on the market.

We’ve designed this classic mat to suit all training types, including yoga, high-intensity fitness like Pilates, or to cushion you during a calming meditation session.

To complete your luxurious yoga accessory, we’ve also included a complimentary carrier with all purchases. This handy bag even features a strap and pocket for your keys and phone.

    Color: Purple Mellow
    • Eco-Friendly Material - No latex, no PVC, and free from toxic and harmful chemicals
    • Premium grip - Double-sided nonslip texture, providing strong traction and excellent grip wherever you are
    • 6MM Thickness - providing the optimal level of support to your joints and knees without compromising on comfort or stability
    • Travel-Friendly -lightweight, compact, and easy to carry. This mat comes with a complimentary waterproof bag with a pocket for your keys and phone
    • Free Ebook - Comes with an E-book which includes instructions to look after your mat, plus it includes information on the different types of styles you can practice.


    Each mat is unique and requires a different method of care to increase its lifespan.

    For the VENTAE Lite yoga mat we recommend the following instructions to keep your mat in the best possible condition.

    For General Maintenance:

    1)  Begin by laying your mat out flat,

    2)  Ensure that you wipe your mat with a clean, soft towel which has been dampened with either water or natural soap,

    3)  Be sure to use gentle circular and cross mat motions to clean the surface,

    4)  Avoid using any harsh chemicals or oils as they might damage or stain the mat.

    For a Deeper Cleanse:

    1)  Clean the mat in the shower with water and natural soap,

    2)  Then proceed to dry the mat - either through laying it out flat or hanging it to dry.

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