VENTAE Heat - Pink Twilight


VENTAE Heat Product Description 

The VENTAE Heat collection features stunning, abstract watercolour-effect designs. These create the sensation of being immersed in the natural world during every single session, wherever that may be.  

These colourful, premium yoga mats are not only stylish to look at, but also offer an unparalleled level of comfort and support when you practice. Our innovative yoga mats feature a high quality artificial suede surface, especially designed to absorb moisture. This capability ensures that your grip and balance are not affected, even as you work up a sweat.  

At VENTAE, we are committed to using eco-conscious materials throughout our product range. So, for our Heat collection, we have used a thick, natural tree rubber for the base material. The combination of this with the non-slip artificial suede surface means that this mat provides a superb level of support for key areas of your body, enabling you to work out in complete comfort.  

This intuitive yoga mat is designed for users of all abilities, helping them to improve their performance, and protect their body during yoga workouts. Its innovative absorption properties are a fantastic addition to a dynamic Hot Yoga session, and its calming design is a wonderful way to enhance the tranquillity of a medication practice.  


    Color: Pink twilight
    • Non-slip surface - this innovative, artificial suede surface absorbs moisture and sweat, to keep your grip secure throughout your training.  
    • Natural rubber base - this ensures a strong grip on any flooring, while also increasing the durability of your mat.  
    • 3mm thickness - providing the maximum level of support and comfort.  
    • Eco-friendly - the base is made of a biodegradable, recyclable and 100% natural tree rubber base. The mat does not use PVC or Chlorine, it is odourless, and is free from latex, silicone, toxic glue, and phthalates.  
    • Heat transfer printing - the design has been added without the use of ink. This mat has also passed RoHS testing.  
    • Travel-friendly - the mat is 183cm X 61cm. The mat’s compact, convenient size means that it is easy to transport and use for workouts on-the-go. 
    • Free accessories - this mat comes with a complementary carry bag, which also features handy pockets for your keys and phone.  
      • For General Maintenance:

        1) Begin by laying your mat out flat,

        2) Ensure that you wipe your mat with a clean, soft towel which has been dampened with either water or natural soap,

        3) Be sure to use gentle circular and cross mat motions to clean the surface,

        4) Avoid using any harsh chemicals or oils as they might damage or stain the mat. 5) Hang the mat to dry, avoiding direct sun exposure

        Please note we do not recommend putting your yoga mat in the washing machine as we find this method to be unsuitable for the mat’s composition.

         Please ensure that you allow your mat to dry after practice before rolling, as this prevents bacteria from forming on the surface.

        Handy Tip

        What makes the VENTAE Heat mat so unique is that the wetter the surface the more grip you get. Therefor for optimum performance, we recommend at the beginning of each practice to lightly spray the surface of the mat with water, as this will help provide you with added grip.

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