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VENTAE Plus Product Description

The VENTAE Plus is the largest model in our range of premium yoga mats. It is designed to provide yoga enthusiasts of any ability with comfort and support throughout their practice.

The wide and long frame of the VENTAE Plus means that this mat is a more spacious option; allowing you to stretch and balance with no inhibitions. The intelligent central alignment line and bird design elements also help you to monitor your form and positioning throughout the session.

When creating the VENTAE Plus, we considered the requirements of a yoga product from a number of different angles and potential training purposes. The end result is our premium yoga mat which is made with a 4.5mm thick, eco-friendly PU rubber material.

Our innovative, unique and natural foam layer is designed to provide users with a strong grip and thick cushioning, the combination of which means that it can be used on almost any type of flooring. It also has an anti-fungal layer, which prevents sweat from ruining your mat or impacting your balance.

These features will keep you safe, your balance secure, and your joints protected throughout your workouts. 

 Whether you have planned a calming floor-based meditation session, or a high-strength series of balance poses, the VENTAE Plus will ensure that your results are the best that they can be.

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● Eco-friendly material - this mat uses a PU rubber material, which is free from toxic or harmful chemicals, and does not contain PVC.

● Dependable grip - the thick foam material is made to provide users with a strong traction and superb grip, which makes it suitable for use on any flooring and outdoor workouts, too. Its intuitive anti-fungal layer also prevents sweat from building up and inhibiting your balance.

● 4.5mm thickness - this is the optimum thickness to keep you comfortable and fully support your joints.

● Wide and long frame - the mat measures 185 x 68 cm. This generous size means that the VENTAE Plus is ideally suited for a wide variety of different yoga styles and workout types.

● Travel-friendly - it is remarkably lightweight and compact. The mat is easy to roll up and carry, and even comes with a free, matching waterproof bag.

● Free e-book - this mat also comes with a free e-book. This helpful guide includes instructions for using and cleaning your mat, as well as our tips for practicing different yoga styles, which are perfectly suited to at-home workouts.

For General Maintenance we recommend that you clean your mat after 7-10 uses.

1) Begin by laying your mat out flat,

2) Ensure that you wipe your mat with a clean, soft towel which has been dampened with either water or natural soap,

3) Be sure to use gentle circular and cross mat motions to clean the surface,

4) Avoid using any harsh chemicals or oils as they might damage or stain the mat,

5) Hang the mat to dry, avoiding direct sun exposure.

Please note we do not recommend putting your mat in the washing machine as we find this method to be unsuitable for the mat’s composition. ▪ Please ensure that you allow your mat to dry after practice before rolling, as this prevents bacteria from forming on the surface.

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